Why did I not discover a Thermal Cooker earlier?

-Mark G.  NSW

I have two of these now and use them daily. They are great and I am looking to see a great reduction in my electricity bill this quarter.

-Catherine D. QLD

Great pot. Wonderful price. Now 2 friends have ordered one on my recommendation.

-Jeanette S.  Christchurch, NZ

Only had the cooker for two weeks but it has delivered excellent meals that are easy to prepare and require about 5 minutes on the stove. Lamb chops, Beef Casserole, Lamb shanks and Chicken so far. Really happy with this purchase.

-John H. QLD

Have only just used it for the first time. Everything cooked. Trial and error as to amount of liquid needed. Happy so far.

-Kerry N. WA

The Thermal Cooker worked perfectly the first time. Great Buy and excellent service. Buy from with confidence.

-John C. QLD

*Reviews taken from negergy.com.au